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Securing Your Timestation
Securing Your Timestation

How do I ensure the safety of employee data on my timestation?

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It is important that the data stored in the Timestation is secure and not accessible to unauthorized users. In order to protect the personal data of your employees, here are some tips to keep your Timestation secure.


While it is important to choose a location for your Timestation that is accessible to staff, it is more important to choose a location that is not accessible to customers or non-staff members. A secure staff room or office are good options. 

Guided Access Mode

Guided Access Mode allows you to keep the iPad locked to the Timestation screen when in use and prevents switching between apps without a PIN. This is an important security measure as it prevents employees from accessing data in other areas of the iPad.

In Guided Access Mode, it is also possible to block off clickable areas of the app from use. It can be a good idea to apply this protection to the manager login areas in case an unauthorized person gains access to the Manager PIN. 

PIN Management

Ensure that different PINs are chosen for the iPad, Guided Access Mode and Manager PIN. This way if an unauthorized person gains access to one PIN, they will be limited in what they can access. 

Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder Surfing is a technique used to obtain information such as PINs and passwords by looking over a users shoulder as they enter the information. All managers with access to the Timestation should be trained to protect against shoulder surfing when entering PINs in the iPad. 

Encryption of Data

In order to ensure your data is encrypted when the app is not in use, a PIN must be applied for access to the iPad. When the iPad is not in use it should not be accessible without entering this PIN. This PIN should be different to the ones chosen for Timestation Manager access and for Guided Access Mode. 

To improve usability, you can register and use fingerprint profiles instead of a PIN to access the iPad. 

Mobile Device Management

Many companies control devices (iPads, phones etc) used within the company by employing a Mobile Device Management System. There are many advantages of using a MDM including:

  • Ability to enforce PIN/fingerprint access to the iPad which ensures encryption of data when the device is not in use

  • Ability to enforce Guided Access Mode for the Timestation

  • Ability to remotely lock the iPad

  • Ability to wipe the device in case of loss or theft

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