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  • How to view information about my Timestation via the web portal

Here is a quick video walkthrough:

How to view information about my Timestation via the web portal

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner

  3. In the dropdown menu click on Timestation Management

4. Here you will be presented with a list of all your Timestations associated with your account

Here is a breakdown of the information in each column:

  • Red / Green Icons: These indicate whether or not the Timestation is currently active. Reasons for a Timestation becoming inactive are no wifi, no battery, the email address used to set up the Timestation has been deactivated in Bizimply. 

  • Location: The location address entered in location settings. 

  • Device Name: You can name your iPad from iPad settings to make it easier to identify

  • Timestation Version: We strongly recommend running the latest version of the Timestation, in order to get the most from it. 

  • iOS Version: The operating system version your iPad is running on. A yellow warning symbol will appear if there is an update available. We strongly recommend updating to the latest version of your iPad, in order to get the most from it. 

  • Photo Upload: Your photo upload setting for this Timestation

  • Email Used to Connect the iPad: The email address used when the Timestation was set up on this iPad

  • PIN: Manager PIN used to log into the manager settings on the Timestation. Select the eye icon to view the PIN 

  • Last Activity: The last time any activity was recorded on the Timestation eg. clock in times, manager login etc. 

You can also view Timestation information for one location through the following steps:

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Select the location you wish to see the Timestation information for

  3. Click on the Attendance icon

  4. Click on 'Timestation Management' under Attendance menu on the left hand side

5. You will be presented with the same Timestation information but for just the one location

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