How do I approve a Timecard

How to approve an employees hours on the Timecard

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to approve an employees hours on the Timecard

Here is a quick video walkthrough:

How to approve an employees hours on the Timecard

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Go to the location you wish to approve the Timecard

  3. Select the Timecard icon

  4. On the left hand side is the list of employees for that location.  Select the employee whose Timecard you wish to approve

5. Timecards contain three sections.  You will see:
Scheduled - what the employee had scheduled for the week
Actual  - what time the employee clocked in/out each day
Paid -  what time the employee will be paid for week
When approving a Timecard you are deciding what should appear in the Paid times based on selecting the time you are happy to pay from in green and a time you are happy to pay until in red
6. Automatic selections in green and red will have already been made to populate the Paid section.  These are based on your company Timecard settings which were established when your account was set up.  You may need to alter these automatic selections before you approve a Timecard
7. To change an automatic selection, you can select the other 'in' or 'out' time in the Scheduled or Actual column to the one that has been automatically selected.  This will colour them green for 'in' and red for 'out', and update those selection in the Paid column
8. You can also select the break time, and assign a schedule or position to the employee as well.

9.  To delete a time that should be there, click the three black dots to the right of the hours, and select Delete Paid Time

10. You can also write a note at the top of the Timecard to explain any changes you may need to account for

11. If you have any extra payouts for employee, these can be added in the '€ Extras' column for each day of the week

12. Lastly, underneath the Timecard itself is the Timecard Summary. In here you can see exactly what type of hours are being attributed to the employee for the week e.g. Regular hours, Sunday Hours, OT hours or PTO. Here's how to adjust these

13. When you are happy that the hours on the Timecard are correct, click the green 'Approve Timecard' button on the top right of the Timecard.  

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