These settings should be worked on when you are setting up your account for the very first time. It wouldn't be recommended to change these settings once your account is already up and running. Please contact support if you do need to make changes. It takes us a minimum of 3 working days to process Timecard Setting changes.

You need to have admin access to make changes to Timecard Settings

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click on your name/email address in the top-right-hand corner and select 'Settings'

3. Select Timecards on the left hand side, and then click Timecard Settings when it opens

4. Think carefully and then decide what Employee Timecard settings work for your business. If you want to edit any options, click the yellow pencil icon. These first two settings cannot be altered after you start using your account
5. Select which options work for tracking employee breaks if they are unpaid
6. Read carefully the options for making automated choices on your Timecard.  These choices will help speed up the Timecard approval process

7. When you have finished with your settings and are happy, click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen

Here's a video of the process:

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