How do I lock Attendance

How to lock attendance so it cannot be changed or edited

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to change permissions on a Role so employees cannot edit Attendance.

Note: To lock Attendance you need to have Admin access to Bizimply

Here's a short video on how to do this:

How to change permissions on a Role so employees cannot edit Attendance

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click on your name/email address in the top-right-hand corner

  3. Select 'Account Access' from the drop down

3. A list of roles will appear. Click on the role you would like to edit.ย 

4. You will be presented with a list of permissions for the Role you have selected, which includes most functions on Bizimply.

5. Scroll down to Attendance & Timestation and make sure it is turned On
6. Click 'Choose Options'
7. If you would like employees with this role to be able to edit punchtimes, select 'Manage Punch Times
8. If you want to lock Attendance after a certain amount of days, click 'Yes' beside the questions 'Would you like to make attendance records uneditable after a number of days?'
9. Type in the number of days you would like to lock attendance after

10. When happy with your selections, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page
11. Permissions will then be changed for that Role
12. Every employee assigned that Role in their employee profile will now have the same permissions with Attendance

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