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What times are selected on the Timecards
What times are selected on the Timecards

This article explains the layout of the Timecard, which times are selected and why, and how to change them

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In this article you will learn:

  • The layout of the Timecard, which times are selected to make up the paid hours for the employee, and how to change them.

Here is a quick video walkthrough:

Please note: The automatic selections on the Timecard are based on your settings which were established when your Bizimply account was set up.

In the Timecard there are 3 columns:

 - Scheduled Hours - what hours someone was assigned on the schedule
 - Actual Hours - what hours someone clocked in/out
 - Paid Hours - what hours someone will get paid for

In the Paid hours column, the numbers correspond to whichever time is selected from the Scheduled and/or Actual hours. These are explained as: 

Green - the time someone starts getting paid from
Red - the time someone stops getting paid from
Yellow - the unpaid break time to be deducted from the hours

These times are automatically selected based on your Timecard Settings established during your account set up.  They can however be overwritten by selecting the other time available on a day for an employee.

Some days employees may not have any times selected automatically. In this case, you must select the time so they are paid for their hours worked.

Somedays employee may also have times automatically selected from the schedule when they did not attend.

In this case, you can delete these hours by clicking the three black dots at the end of the row, and selecting 'Delete Paid Time' in the dropdown menu

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