How to edit your personal information

How employees can see and edit their personal information

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  • How to view and edit your personal information as an employee

Please note: The ability for an employee to edit their information is a setting that needs to be turned on by the account Admin.

There are two ways you can edit your personal information, please see both below.

Option 1 - Employee Portal

  1. Log onto your preferred web browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer) with your Bizimply login information

  2. Click into Employee Portal

  3. Click into the 'Your Profile' tab at the top left of the screen

  4. Edit the relevant available fields

Option 2 - MyZimply Employee App

  1. Download the MyZimply app which is free and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play using the instructions outlined here.

  2. Sign into the MyZimply app using your Bizimply log in details (email address and password

  3. Select the 'Profile' tab at the bottom right of the screen

  4. Select the pencil icon on the top right of the screen

  5. Edit the relevant available fields and select Save'

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