Creating a Daily Task list

Learn how to create and configure a daily task list for employees to complete at the start or end of a day/shift.

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In this article you will learn: 

  • How to create a Daily task list

Here is a quick video walkthrough:

How to set up a Daily Task List

Please note: You must have account administrator access to create a Daily Task List.

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click on your name/username in the top right and go to ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu

  3. On the left side of the screen, click on 'Shift Log Setup'

  4. Select 'Daily Task Lists' from the options

  5. Click on the blue 'Create New List' button

6. Fill in the fields as required deciding on:

  • Which locations this Task List will appear in

  • The time the task list is due by to be complete

  • Which days the task list must be complete

  • Who the email recipient for the completion of this Task List will be

7. Add tasks and choose whether they are required tasks to be completed

8. Click the blue 'Save' button
9. Click the blue 'Save' location at the bottom right of the screen. You have now successfully created a Task List.

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