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  • What you need to do if your email is already in use in Bizimply

In Bizimply email addresses are used as unique login credentials.

If you are getting this error it means that the address you are entering is already in use within the system. Perhaps you were employed by a previous company who used Bizimply and they haven't yet deactivated you from their Bizimply system.

However, if you are employed simultaneously with two companies who use Bizimply then we have ways to help you below.

What you need to do if your email is already in use in Bizimply:

Below will show you how to remove the email address to free it up for another profile or to be added as an admin.

  1. Create an alias:

If the email address is, you can use the email address and all emails will still go to the original address.

Most email providers (incl. Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook) ignore the '+' and anything trailing it before the '@' symbol.

2. Contact the former employer:

Ask your former employer to deactivate you if you are still registered as an employee on their account.

If the email address is still not working for you, please get in touch with us and we will look into it further -

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