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How do I edit who can view the Dashboard
How do I edit who can view the Dashboard

How to edit Dashboard permissions - who can view what information on the dashboard

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to assign a Role to an employee on Bizimply

  • How to edit the Dashboard permissions and access for a Role

Note: You must have administrator access on Bizimply to edit a Role

You can view these steps in the video below:

How to assign a Role to an employee on Bizimply:

When you assign a Role to an employee you are defining how much access an employee has to your businesses' information on Bizimply. For example, perhaps you would like managers to have more access than supervisors, and supervisors to have more access than regular employees. You can create and allocate the permissions levels that work for your business.

  1. Login to your Bizimply account

  2. Select the location of the employee whose access you would like to change

  3. Go to the 'Employee' tab

  4. Find the employee profile of the person you would like to assign a role to

  5. Click into their profile

  6. Click the 'Roles' tab

  7. Select the role you would like this employee to have based on your predetermined roles

  8. Click 'Save'

The employee will receive an email letting them know their permissions on Bizimply have changed, and will now have the access defined by that Role in that location.

Note: If an employee is shared to another location, they will not have the same access at that location. You will need to edit their Role in their other locations as well.

How to Change The Dashboard Permissions A Role Has on Bizimply

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click your name in the top right corner so a drop-down menu appears

  3. Click on 'Account Access'

4. A list of Roles will appear. Click on the Role you would like to edit or create a custom Role by clicking '+New Role'
5. You will be presented with a list of permissions for the Role you have selected, which includes most functions on Bizimply

6. For 'Dashboard' select 'On' if you would like your employee to see any of the Dashboard information. If it is 'Off' they cannot see any of the Dashboard
7. If the function is 'On', you can also click 'Choose Options' for more specific pieces of the Dashboard

8. Use the tick boxes to select or deselect any part of the Dashboard you do or don't want the Role to be able to see
9. When you are happy with your selection, scroll to the bottom, and click 'Save'. These permissions will now be applied to that Role, and subsequently to any employee with that assigned Role on Bizimply

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