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Where can I log customer feedback
Where can I log customer feedback

How to log customer feedback - good or bad - on Bizimply

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In this article you will learn

  • How to log customer feedback

Here is quick video walkthrough:

How to log customer feedback

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Select the relevant location from the 'All Locations drop down menu

  3. Click on the Shift Log icon

4. Scroll down till you see a box entitled 'Issues' on the left hand side

5. Click on 'Customer Feedback'
6. Click the blue '+ New Feedback' button

7. Enter in any information you have to the form you are presented

8. Enter the Customer Name
9. Select the type of feedback from the dropdown (new feedback types can be added in Settings by an Admin)
10. Write a description of the issue
11. Put in the contact details of the customer if follow up is needed
12. Add an 'Action Taken' from the dropdown menu (new actions can be added in Settings by an admin)
13. Add in Follow Up if needed
14. Attach a document if needed
15. Assign a Priority to the Issue. If this needs to go further than the Manager to Head Office, select this.
16. Mark the Issue as Unresolved or Resolved. If unresolved there will be a notification on the Dashboard till the Issue is resolved. If the priority selected is to Head Office, the notification will be visible to admins as well as managers
17. Click 'Save'

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