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Where can I log accidents

How to log accidents in Bizimply

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In this article you will learn

  • How to log accidents in Bizimply

Here is quick video walkthrough:

How to log accidents in Bizimply

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Select the location where you want to enter your sales data

  3. Click on the Shift Log icon

4. Scroll down till you see a box entitled 'Issues' on the left hand side

5. Select 'Accidents' from the list on the left
6. Click the blue '+New Issue' button

7. Fill out the form with the information you have about the accident

8. Select if it was an employee accident or not. If it was an employee, you can select their name from the dropdown menu that appears
9. Insert the name of whoever had the accident and their contact details.
10. Select an Issue from the dropdown menu (different issues can be added in Settings by an Admin)
11. Explain the incident in the description box, including the time and location
12. Select an 'Action Taken' from the dropdown menu (actions can be added in Setting by an Admin)
13. Enter in any Follow Up that may need to be taken and click '+Add'
14. Attach a file if needed
15. Select a priority. If it needs to go to Head Office, signal that here
16. Select a status for the issues. If it is Unresolved, a notification will appear on the Dashboard at the location that an issue was logged. If it is given Head Office priority, this Issue notification will appear on the admin dashboard
17. When happy with all the information entered, click 'Save'

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