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How to pull a report of your Employee Feedback from their employee profile

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In this article, you will learn:

  • How to pull the Employee Feedback Report

Here's a quick video walkthrough:

How to pull the Employee Feedback Report

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click on the Reports tab in the navigation bar

  3. Click on the Employee Reports box on the left-hand side

4. Click into the 'Feedback Report' towards the bottom
5. Select a date range
6. Select relevant location(s)
7. Select which employee(s) you would like included in the report
8. Click on the blue 'Export' button in the top right corner

9. Directly below you will get a summary of all the employee feedback logged in that date range, for that location(s), and relating to those employees as selected

10.  You can also click 'Download PDF' button at the bottom to get a PDF copy of this report

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