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Where is the weather information coming from
Where is the weather information coming from

Is the weather information accurate?

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You may have noticed weather information on Bizimply on your Dashboard, in your Shiftlog and on your Schedule.

This information is pulling from a weather application we are connected to, to provide accurate weather as defined by your location. It is an add-in to our application from another provider.

You can check your location information through your Location Settings if you think your weather isn't correct.

Here is a quick video explainer:

  1. Login to Bizimply

  2. Click your name or email in the top right hand corner

  3. Select 'Locations & Groups' from the dropdown menu

4. A list of your locations will appear

5. Click on a location name to view the information about that location

6. There is an address box and a map in the location. The map shows where the location for the weather will be from, and the address bar sets the location on the map

7. Click 'Save' when you are happy with your location

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