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  • Employee Time Off Report

Employee Time Off Report

  1. Click on the 'Reports' tab

  2. Click on the 'Employee Reports' located within the list on the left

  3. Select 'Employee Time Off' from the drop down menu

  4. Select the Date Range, Locations, Employees, Time Off Type and Other Time Off Types if necessary

  5. Select 'PDF' or 'CSV' format

  6. Click the blue 'Export' button located at the top right of screen

  7. The report will be emailed to the email address you are signed into Bizimply

In this report, the following columns appear:

  • Employee Name

  • Employee Number

  • Employee Start Date

  • Location

  • Type

  • Paid/Unpaid

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Approved On

  • Approved By

  • Note

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