Employee Engagement Report

Explaining how to Export the Employee Engagement Report and detailing its Layout

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  • Employee Engagement Report

Employee Engagement Report

  1. Go to 'Reports'

  2. Go to Employee Reports > Employee Engagement

  3. Select the Date Range & Locations

  4. Select 'PDF' or 'CSV'

  5. Press 'Export'

Each response will be listed by schedule.
The following columns will appear:

  • Location/Schedule (location and schedule where recorded responses came from)

  • Bad (no. employees who had a bad shift)

  • OK (no. employees who had an OK shift)

  • Great (no. employees who had a great shift)

  • Responses (no. responses to the survey)

  • Views (no. employees who saw the survey)

Sample Employee Engagement Report in PDF Format;

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