Schedule Audit Log

This article explains the Schedule Audit Log and detailing its layout

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In this article, you will learn:

  • How to export the Schedule Audit Log

  • What information is included in the Schedule Audit Log

Note: Only Administrators on the account can pull this report.

How to export Schedule Audit Log

  1. Go to 'Reports'

  2. Go to Account Activity >> Schedule Audit Log

  3. Select the Date Range

  4. Select the relevant location(s)

  5. Select the relevant schedule(s)

  6. Press 'Export'

Your CSV export includes details of any of the following actions on the schedule:

  • Location

  • Schedule Created

  • Turning schedule ON

  • Turning schedule OFF

  • Publishing a schedule

  • Unlocking a schedule

  • Adding a schedule note

  • Editing a schedule note

  • Removing a schedule note

  • Adding a schedule private note

  • Editing a schedule private note

  • Removing a schedule private note

  • Removing hours from costings

  • Adding hours to costings

  • Adding a shift

  • Editing a shift time

  • Editing a shift time display

  • Removing a shift

  • Adding an unpaid break

  • Editing an unpaid break

  • Removing an unpaid break

  • Add a position

  • Editing a position

  • Removing a position

  • adding an unavailable shift

  • Adding a shift note

  • Editing a shift note

  • Removing a shift note

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