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  • Schedule Audit Log

Note: Only Admins can pull this report

Schedule Audit Log

  1. Go to 'Reports'
  2. Go to Account Activity >> Schedule Audit Log
  3. Select the Locations & Date Range
  4. Press 'Export'

Your CSV export includes details of any of the following actions on the schedule:

  • Location
  • Schedule Created
  • Turning schedule ON
  • Turning schedule OFF
  • Publishing a schedule
  • Unlocking a schedule
  • Adding a schedule note
  • Editing a schedule note
  • Removing a schedule note
  • Adding a schedule private note
  • Editing a schedule private note
  • Removing a schedule private note
  • Removing hours from costings
  • Adding hours to costings
  • Adding a shift
  • Editing a shift time
  • Editing a shift time display
  • Removing a shift
  • Adding an unpaid break
  • Editing an unpaid break
  • Removing an unpaid break
  • Add a position
  • Editing a position
  • Removing a position
  • adding an unavailable shift
  • Adding a shift note
  • Editing a shift note
  • Removing a shift note

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