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  • How to publish a schedule

Publishing a Schedule

Once you have created a schedule - added employees, created popular shifts, added shifts to the schedule - you need to publish it

  1. Click on the blue button 'Actions' at the top right of the schedule

  2. From the dropdown, select 'Publish'

3. A dialogue box will appear which says 'The schedule will be sent to' and will list all the employees who will be emailed their schedule

4. Click 'Send'

5. The schedule will then be emailed to all employees, and considered 'Published'

6. The schedule will go dark in colour, and all employees will have a green envelope under their names. The schedule will also say 'Published' in the top left corner

7. The schedule is now locked

8. Changes can still be made if you c.ick on the lock - a dialogue box will appear

9. Click 'yes' to change the schedule

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