How to Publish a Schedule

How to publish a schedule when you have created it

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In this article, you will learn

  • How to publish a schedule

  • How to make changes to a published schedule

Once you have created a schedule - added employees, created popular shifts, added shifts to the schedule - you need to publish it to email it to your employees.

Publishing a Schedule

  • Click on the blue button 'Actions' at the top right of the schedule

  • From the dropdown, select 'Publish'

  • A dialogue box will appear which says 'The schedule will be sent to' and will list all the employees who will be emailed their schedule

  • Click 'Send'

  • The schedule will then be emailed to all employees, and considered 'Published'

  • The schedule will go dark in colour, and all employees will have a green envelope under their names. The schedule will also say 'Published' in the top left corner

  • The schedule is now locked

How to make changes to a published schedule

  • Changes can still be made if you click on the lock - a dialogue box will appear

  • Click 'yes' to change the schedule

  • If changes are made to an employee schedule, an orange "Changed" will appear under their name. You will have to publish the schedule again to notify that employee by email.

  • Then publish the Schedule again to email the changes to the employee

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