In this article you will:

  • Learn how to create a new folder in the Documents feature

  • How to upload a file into a folder within Documents

  • How to edit the name of an uploaded document

Here is quick video walkthrough:

You will need to turn on the 'Documents' feature within Bizimply to use this feature. Depending on the level of access that you have to the 'Documents' feature within Bizimply, you will have the ability to view, add or edit files within the Company Documents tab or the Location Documents tab. Your account administrator can amend your access levels

When your view is 'All Locations' and you click onto the 'Documents' icon then you will only see 'Company Documents'

When you click into a location, then you will see both 'Company Documents' and 'Location Documents'

Click on the blue button 'Add Folder' to create a folder. You can then create folders within folders, if needed, and upload a file to them.

In order to rename the folder or the file, click on the orange pencil icon, make the edit and press 'Save'.

To delete a file or a folder press the 'X' button. You will not be able to delete a full folder until it is empty of files.

You will be able to see through the text at the top of the screen which folder you are currently working in.

You can see which user added the file as well as the date and time.

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