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Import Holiday Adjustments in bulk
Import Holiday Adjustments in bulk

How do I adjust my employees' holiday balance using a CSV file

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In this article you will learn how to:

  • Import holiday adjustments in bulk to update employee holiday balance

Note: In order to access Settings and import Holiday Adjustments, you must have admin access on your account.

Please note: this action will add or subtract hours/days to the employee balances as they currently stand on Bizimply. Please makes sure the numbers you are importing will result in the correct balance for your employee after they are added/subtracted. You cannot upload the number the balance should be.

e.g. If John Smith should have a balance of 100 hours, and currently has 70 hours, you need to import 30 hours on the csv file. You can download the Employee Holiday Balance Report to find the current balance of all your employees.

  1. Login to Bizimply as an Administrator

  2. Click on your name/email in the top right of your screen

  3. Click 'Settings'

  4. Click 'Employee Settings'

  5. Click 'Import Holiday Adjustments'

6. Download CSV file of Active Employees

7. Update Column H with adjusted Hours or Column I with adjusted days. To subtract use negative values (e.g. -2.5) and to add use positive values (e.g. 2.5).

8. Fill out the date field on the left to assign a date for the imported adjustments. If you assign a date within the current holiday year the holiday balance will reflect the adjustment immediately. If you wish to apply adjustments for the next holiday year, assign the 1st date of the new holiday year.

9. Fill out the reason (e.g. Balance carried over from previous holiday year).

10. Choose the CSV file that you saved to your device, upload and press ‘Import’.

The adjustments will appear on the employee Time Off tab.

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