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What to do if Bizimply is running slowly or crashing in your web browser
What to do if Bizimply is running slowly or crashing in your web browser

How to clear the cache of your web browser

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to clear your cache on Google Chrome

  • How to clear your cache on Safari

  • How to clear your cache on Firefox

  • How to clear your cache on Internet Explorer

When browsing the web, certain items such as images and web pages are stored or 'cached' in your browser. These cached items take up memory and can cause your browser to run more slowly than usual or crash.

If Bizimply isn't running as you would expect in your web browser, we suggest clearing your cache.

Note: We always recommend that you use Google Chrome browser. If you're using an alternative browser, switch over to Chrome to get the most out of Bizimply!

Clearing your cache for Google Chrome - Mac

  1. On the right-hand side of your Chrome menu bar, you'll see 3 vertical dots

  2. Click here, then navigate to Settings.

  3. If you're browsing Chrome on a Windows PC then the vertical dots with be replaced with 3 vertical lines

  4. If you're on an Apple computer, scroll down to the Privacy and Security section of the Settings page

  5. You may need to expand the Advanced section to get here

  6. Images & Files box, then select Clear Data

Clearing your cache for Google Chrome - Windows

  1. Select History in the left-hand side menu

  2. Click on the Clear Browsing Data button

  3. Tick the Empty the Cache box

  4. Click Clear Browsing Data

Clearing your cache for Safari

  1. Click on Safari and then Preferences

  2. Select Privacy and click the Manage Website Data button

  3. Select Remove All and then Remove Now

Clearing your cache for Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Tools icon on the right side of the menu bar

  2. Select Safety and Delete Browsing History

  3. Check the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies boxes

  4. Click Delete

Clearing your cache for Microsoft Edge

  1. Select the icon with three horizontal lines in the menu bar

  2. Then click the History button (it looks like a clock!)

  3. Next click Clear All History

  4. Select the Cached data and files box, click clear

Clearing your cache for Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the three vertical horizontal bars on the menu bar

  2. Click History, then Clear Recent History

  3. Set the Time Range to Clear as Everything

  4. Details segment, and tick the Cookies and Cache boxes

  5. Click Clear Now

Having issues?

If you've tried clearing your browser cache and are still experiencing issues using Bizimply, please contact our support team!

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