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Turning on GPS Clock-In for Employees
Turning on GPS Clock-In for Employees

Learn how to turn on the setting that allows your employees to clock in to work via the MyZimply app on their mobile phone.

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to turn on and off the GPS clock-in setting

  • See what the feature looks like on the MyZimply app

  • How to see where an employee clocked in from

Please note: You must be an account administrator to turn on these settings

Web App Settings:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner

  2. Select 'Settings'

  3. On the left of the screen, select 'Attendance'

  4. Select 'Attendance Settings'

  5. See 'Employee MyZimply Clock In'

  6. Select 'Yes' to the question 'Allow select team members to clock in and out from their mobile app?'

  7. Select 'Yes' to the question 'Allow those select team members to clock in and out for a break from their mobile app?'

  8. Click 'Save'

  1. Now that the general setting is turned on for your account, you need to select your team members who can use MyZimply to clock in and out

  2. Click on the 'Employee's tab at the top of the page

  3. The next action can be done on an individual basis or as a bulk edit

  4. Individual: Click into the employee's profile, select their 'Work' tab, and select 'Yes' to the question 'MyZimply clock in?'. Click Save

  1. Bulk: Select the small tick box above the list of employees to select all employees. Or individually tick multiple employees in the list. Select the blue 'Actions' button, select 'Quick Edit', select their 'Work' tab, and select 'Yes' to the question 'MyZimply clock in?'. Click Save

  2. Your employees can now use the GPS Clock In on their MyZimply app

MyZimply App

Downloading the app

  1. Go to the App Store or Play Store on your device

  2. Search for MyZimply from Bizimply

  3. Use the same log-in credentials as you would for accessing Bizimply on your web browser

  4. The employee will see a new tab called 'Clock In'

  5. The employee clicks the 'Start Shift' button

  6. If the employee is shared with other locations in your account, they will be presented with any location that they are shared with. They can select the location that they are clocking into

Seeing the Attendance Record

  1. Click into the 'Attendance' tab

  2. When am employee has clocked in using GPS in MyZimply, you will see an orange map icon displayed where their Timestation is normally displayed

  3. Once you click on that map, you will be able to see where the employee was located once they clocked into work

*Note: For iOS users, if they have the setting 'Precise Location' turned to OFF on their device, then the map location will not be precise. You must ask your employees to enable the Precise Location within the iPhone. This is not a device feature for Android users

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