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Schedule Graph: Labour Volume

This article explains what information is found on the Schedule labour volume graph and how to use it.

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This feature is available on all accounts under the 'Scheduling' app in Bizimply's Workforce Management Suite.

  • Click on the 'Labour Volume' tab on the schedule to show daily/weekly labour details

  • Click on an individual day or week to see information on scheduled labour for that day/week

  • The graph updates in real-time as you drag and drop shifts on to the schedule

  • The numbers running along the top of the stacked columns show the number of employees scheduled in for that hour/day

  • The stacked columns are broken down by position with a legend to the right-hand side of the table with colour coded positions.

  • Labour Volume Graph is colour coded by position colours. To find out how to colour code employee positions click here.

  • If you wish to exclude a position from the graph, simply click on the position in the legend and that position will be excluded from the graph view. In this example, the 'Chef' position has been excluded.

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