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What is the App Lock feature on Bizimply Manager App

The App Lock feature on our Bizimply Manager App allows you to add an extra layer of security when accessing your Bizimply account on the app. You can choose to use one of the following to open up the app:

  • Personalised 4 digit PIN

  • The biometrics on your smartphone such as fingerprint or face ID

As everyone has their own unique biometrics and opportunity to create a unique pin, it is a much safer and hassle-free method to access your Bizimply profile.

How to set up the App Lock feature on the Bizimply Manager app

  1. Sign into Bizimply Manager app using Bizimply log in details (email address and password). If you have not yet set a Bizimply password, please ask your employer to invite you to Bizimply.

  2. Tap the icon at the top right of the screen

  3. Tap into the 'Settings' tab from the options on the left

4. Tap into the 'Security' tab at bottom of Settings

5. For the 'Unlock with PIN' field, switch the toggle on

6. Enter in a 4 digit PIN, confirm the 4 digit PIN and select 'OK'

7. If you would to use your smart phone's biometrics (fingerprint or face ID), switch the toggle on for the 'Unlock with Biometrics' field

8. If you need to change your 4 digit PIN, you can do so by clicking into the 'Manage PIN' tab where you will enter in current PIN and then new chosen PIN

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