How to Download the Android Timestation

Learn how to download and set up Timestation app on your Android device

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What is the Android Timestation

Bizimply Timestation is an easy way for your employees to clock in and out to work, now available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Simply download the app and connect it with your Bizimply account - your clock in data will then sync to your Bizimply account for live attendance data.

Timestation features:

  • Your employees clock in and out to work with a personal pin code

  • Your tablet’s camera takes a picture when they clock in, eliminating ‘buddy punching’.

  • Employees can clock in and out for breaks, and you can run compliance reports on those break times.

  • If your device loses internet connection, data is stored on the device and synced when a connection is made again.

Note: There are several key differences between the Android and iPad versions of the Bizimply Timestation, find out more about those differences here.

Android Device Requirements And Recommendations:


  • Android version 7.0 or above

  • Screen size of 7 inches or above

  • Front facing camera


  • Tablet should only be used as a timestation

  • Ensure the tablet has stable access to the internet

How to Set Up Timestation on Android Device

1. On your Android tablet, go to the Google Play Store

2. In the search box, type 'Timestation by Bizimply'

3. Click the 'Install' button

4. Once installed, open the app

5. Log in using your Bizimply username and password. The best practice is to use administrator login details. However, you can also use Manager login details if they have been granted the permission on their Manager role permissions.

6. Choose which location you are setting up your Timestation for

7. Create a manager's PIN that will be only used by the manager of that location to log in to the settings of the app (this will be different from the PIN that the manager will clock in and out with).

8. Click allow when prompted to allow Timestation app to access the camera

9. Click on the icon on the bottom left side of the screen as highlighted in the image above

10. Enter your manager's PIN
11. Click on 'Settings'
12. Ensure that all settings are turned on as required by the business

Now you are all set up and your employees can begin clocking in and out!

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