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Follow-up notification for an issue
Follow-up notification for an issue

How to notify someone about an issue

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When you spot an issue, the logical next step is to assign someone to fix it. This article shows you how to conveniently assign an issue as a responsibility to a specific employee.

In this article you will learn

  • How to assign someone as a follow up so they will be notified about an issue

Assigning a follow up email when creating an issue

  1. Login to Bizimply

2. Select the location where you want to create an issue

3. Click on the Shift Log icon

4. Scroll down till you see a box entitled 'Issues' on the left-hand side

5. Select any type of 'issue' from the left-hand side

6. Click the blue 'new issue' button to add an issue

7. Scroll down to the field titled 'Follow Up'

8. Enter an email address into the email field

9. Type a note for this email to receive.
​Note: Both note and email are optional.

10. Once you have entered a valid email address, and/or a note, hit the blue 'add' button next to the text field.

11. Once the issue has been saved, you will have the option to notify the assigned person. If you choose yes, the person assigned to the follow-up email will receive an email notifying them of the issue.

Here, they will see a brief overview of the issue, and can take any necessary actions

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