In this article you will learn:

  • How to see who the schedule was changed by

Note: You will need Admin access to check the Audit Log

How to see who the schedule was changed by

  1. Go to 'Reports'

  2. Select 'Account Activity'

  3. Select 'Schedule Audit Log'

  4. Choose the location(s) that you wish to run the report for and the date range

  5. Click the blue 'Export' button

  6. The file will then download

  7. In the file, you will see a line for each change made including a timestamp of the change, what was changed from and to, and the email address for the person who made the change

Headings in the report:

  • Location

  • Schedule

  • Schedule date

  • Attribute

  • Employee

  • From

  • To

  • Timestamp

  • Changed by

  • Changed by ID

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