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  • What the lock symbol means on a schedule

  • How to unlock a schedule

What does the lock symbol mean on a schedule?

This means that the schedule has been published and sent to employees, changes cannot be made without unlocking the schedule

How to unlock a schedule:

  1. Click anywhere on the schedule

  2. A pop up will appear stating 'Schedule Locked' - no changes can be made until it has been unlocked

  3. To unlock the schedule click 'Yes'

  4. The schedule can now be edited

  5. The padlock will now be unlocked but still say 'Published'

  1. When you add or change a shift the 'Published' will now display 'Changed'

  2. 'Changed' will display for each employee who had a shift added or amended

  3. Once you are finished making changes, publish by clicking the 'Actions' button then 'Publish'

  4. You will then be asked if you want to send the schedules to only the employees whose shifts have changed

  5. the schedule will now display as 'Published' once again

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