Completing Onboarding Checklists

Learn more about how to complete a checklist on an employee's profile

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In this article you will learn how to:ย 

  • Complete an Onboarding Checklist

Here is a quick video walk-through:

Completing Onboarding Checklists

  1. Go to 'Employees' tab

  2. Go to the employee's profile you need to work on

  3. Click into the 'Onboarding' tab

  4. If there is a checklist that is not relevant for the employee mark as 'Not Required'ย 

  5. To being the checklist, press 'Start'

6. Steps set up from the Admin will appear, and you can mark use the tick icons to mark it as complete

7. If there is a '*' beside a task, this means the task is mandatory. You cannot close the task before completing.

8. If you need to upload a document, click the blue 'Attach File' button

9. When all tasks are complete, press 'Save'

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