How do I view my Time Off Balance

Use Bizimply to view what time off or accrued holidays is available to you

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to view your time off balance

Please note: This setting will need to be turned on by your Bizimply account Admin.

How to view your time off balance

  1. Log in to Bizimply via your preferred web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome)

  2. Click the 'Time Off' tab​

In this section you will see:

  • Holiday hours available to take (note this is a setting that needs to be turned on by your account Admin)

  • Holiday hours taken

  • Holiday hours booked

  • Sick time off taken

  • Other time off taken

Any records created by your manager or adjustments to your balance will appear under the 'Records' tab. Any requests submitted by yourself will appear under the 'Requests' tab including the status.

​Additionally, your time off balance can be viewed in the 'Time Off' tab on your MyZimply Employee App. Click here for more information.

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