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Create an Onboarding Checklist
Create an Onboarding Checklist

Learn how to create an onboarding checklist as part of the HR process for a new employee that starts with your business.

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In this article, you will learn:

  • Create a new Onboarding Checklist

  • Edit or deactivate an existing Onboarding Checklist 

Please note: Only an account administrator can create or deactivate an Onboarding Checklist.

Create, Edit, or deactivate an Onboarding Checklist

  1. Click on your name/email on the right-hand corner

  2. Select 'Settings' from the drop-down menu

  3. Click the 'Employees' tab on the left-hand side

  4. Choose 'Onboarding Checklists' from the drop-down menu

  5. To create a new Onboarding Checklist, click the blue 'New Checklist' button 

6. Fill in the title, description and also the email recipient who will receive the checklist when it is completed
7. Click on the blue button 'Add Task'
8. Complete the field with the required task and press 'Save'. Note: If it is 'required' the checklist cannot be marked as completed unless this task is complete
9. Continue to add tasks to the checklist as required
10. Once the list is complete, click 'Save' on the bottom right of the form

This checklist has now been assigned to all staff members in selected locations.

Edit or deactivate an existing Onboarding Checklist

  1. To deactivate an Onboarding Checklist, click into the checklist and select the 'deactivate' button. Deactivated checklists will be stored in the 'Inactive' tab within Onboarding Checklists

  2. To edit an existing checklist, click the orange 'Edit' button and make required amendments

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