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What is admin (administrator) access
What is admin (administrator) access

What is admin access? How do I get admin access?

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What is an administrator or admin access?

When you are setting up your Bizimply account at the beginning, at least one person will be given administrator or admin access to the system.

This means they have the ability to use all the functionality, see all locations, change company settings, create Roles, access billing details, and turn on apps. They have master access to everything.

​This video outlines the access and administrator has to Bizimply:

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Things you must consider when giving someone else admin access

  1. Should this person have access to the Plans and Billing information on the account?

  2. Should this person be able to turn on/off functionality or apps on the account?

  3. Should this person be able to change the settings on the account?

  4. Should this person be able to change and assign Roles e.g. manager or supervisor Role which determines how much access other employees have to the system?

  5. Should this person be able to add/delete Locations to the account?

  6. Should this person be able to view and edit personal information for all other employees on the system? This could include extremely sensitive data such as DOB, Pay Rates, Bank Details, diversity information, and PPS/National Insurance numbers.

It is very important to consider all of the above before you allow someone else to have this amount of access to the full account. Through Roles and Location Group Roles you can give a significant amount of access and permissions for whatever a person needs to be able to do on Bizimply.

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