How to Approve Time Off Requests

How to approve time off requests (holiday, sick and other) in Bizimply

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In this article you will learn how to:

  • Approve Time Off Requests

Approving Time Off Requests
1. In the 'Pending Actions' box on the Dashboard, you will see time off requests

2. Select the request you want to approve
3. You are now redirected to the time off request

4. You can change the Time Off Type if necessary and apply changes if the employee has specified half-day request under employee note

Employees tracked in days - select Half Day AM or Half Day PM from the dropdown

Employees tracked in hours - change the hours on the form to reflect half-day hours

5. Select if you want the Time Off as it paid or unpaid, shown on schedule, added to timecard, and then approve or decline

6. Select whether you want to notify the employee via email

If you are accessing the request from Employee profile 'Time Off' tab, there is a 'Records' and 'Requests' window, the request will be in the requests section

Click into the request 'Pending' status

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