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How to track time off in Accrued Hours

How to show time off as time accrued

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to track time off in Accrued Hours

  • What to expect after the setting is changed

How to display time off as Accruals rather than Time Taken

  1. Go to 'Employees'

  2. Go to the employee profile you want to update

  3. Go to the 'Time Off' tab

  4. Select 'Settings'

5. Pick the 'Accrued Hours'

6. Hours in a Working Day and Accrual Percentage are autofilled from the company settings (accessible only by Administrators) if you wish to change the settings for an employee you can do so here:

7. If this employee profile is new you can just click save and you are set! However, if this employee was previously tracked in hours continue to the 8th step

8. Read through the information note and click save

Any time off records that have been logged for the employee in days will not affect the balance in hours.

Employee balance must be adjusted manually to include time off that was taken and booked. The best way to handle time off that was booked in days for future dates is to log new records in hours and delete the daily records.

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