In this article you will learn:

  • Where to see if the Timestation is disconnected

It is important to note that if your Timestation is offline or appears to be offline your clock in and out records will still be recorded and will be uploaded to the Bizimply web app once your iPad is back online and has re-synced.

If you see any of the below images, you will know that your Timestation is offline:

To reconnect your iPad:
1. Click the 'Settings' icon on the screen of your iPad

2. Ensure that the iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi network correctly as in the image below

3. Log back into the Timestation
4. Enter the Manager PIN by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner

5. Click on the icon above 'Status' in the bottom left of the screen. It will say checking and then change to 'Synced' when the iPad is re-synced to the internet

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