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  • Employee Timecard Report

Employee Timecard Report

1. Log into Bizimply

2. Go to 'Reports'

3. Select Attendance Reports > Employee Timecards

4. Choose Date Range, Locations, Employees & the desired Format

5. Press 'Export'

Depending on the Format you pull the report in, will vary on how the information is given to you.

The general information given to you from the PDF and CSV files are:

  • Bizimply unique ID (only on CSV)

  • Employee name (first name and last name are in separate columns for CSV)

  • Department

  • Employee Number

  • Regular (regular hours worked)

  • Sunday (Sunday hours worked)

  • Overtime 1 (first overtime rate hours worked)

  • Overtime 2 (second overtime rate worked)

  • Paid Time Off (paid hours off)

  • Public Holidays (public holiday hours worked)

  • Sick Pay (sick pay hours used)

  • Total (total hours payable)

  • £€ Extras (bonuses granted)

Sample Employee Timecard Report in PDF Format;

You can also pull this report in formats to suit certain payroll companies that we integrate with:

  1. Sage Professional

  2. Sage 50

  3. ADP

  4. Quantum

  5. Moorepay

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