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How to Schedule Reports
How to Schedule Reports

Learn how you can schedule reports to be sent Daily, Weekly or Monthly

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In this article, you will learn:

  • What are Scheduled Reports

  • Which Reports can be scheduled

  • How to Schedule Recurring Reports

What are Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports is a feature which allows you to schedule reports to be sent to your email address automatically on a recurring basis. This recurring option is for automating the export of the report based on a certain schedule. For example: the report will be sent daily, weekly or on a certain day of the month. The reports are sent after 2am.

Please note: When the 31st of the month is selected and the month ends earlier (on the 30th or 28th in the case of February), the report will be sent on the last day of the month accordingly.
โ€‹Once a report is scheduled to be sent to an email, deactivating that user will not stop the sending of reports. It will still be sent to their associated email address.

Which Reports can be Scheduled

The reports which can be set to scheduled are:

  • Employee Timecards

  • Timecard Analysis

  • Cost Analysis

  • Employee Export

  • Starter Report

  • Leaver Report

How to Schedule Recurring Reports

  1. Sign into

  2. Go to 'Reports' tab in navigation bar

  3. Click into the relevant report e.g. Employee Timecards

  4. Select export type as 'Recurring'

  5. Enter in a descriptive name for your scheduled report. This will be identifiable in the 'Scheduled Reports' section.

  6. If you have Reports SFTP app also enabled, you will need to select 'Destination' as 'Email'. This means the scheduled reports will be sent to your email address.

  7. Select the export period: Previous Day, Previous Week, Previous 2 Weeks or Previous Full Month

  8. Select the export frequency: Daily, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks or Monthly. If you select 'Weekly', select which day of the week the report is sent. If you select 'Monthly', select which date you would like the report sent each month.

  9. Select the relevant locations

  10. Select the relevant payroll department(s) (only needed for the Employee Timecards Report)

  11. Select the relevant employees. For the Employee Export Report, select whether you would like Active Employees, Inactive Employees or All Employees

  12. Mark if you would like to Remove Meta Data. By checking this box, the column names will become the first row within the report and any meta data such as report title, export duration and other data shown by default will be removed from the top 5 rows. (This is needed for auto parsed reports used in some payroll and BI systems).

  13. If exporting the Employee Timecards Report, select the relevant format for the report

  14. Click the blue 'Schedule' button

  15. Once scheduled, a green banner will appear to show that the report was scheduled successfully. The report will then be added to the 'Scheduled Reports' section.

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