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SFTP for Scheduled Reports
SFTP for Scheduled Reports

Learn how to send your Bizimply reports to SFTP server

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In this article, you will learn:

Please note: The 'Reports SFTP' app is an integration available within the Integration Management section on Bizimply. Please contact your Bizimply Customer Success manager if you are interested in adding this feature to your package.

What is the Reports SFTP app

With the Reports SFTP app, reports from Bizimply can be sent daily, weekly or monthly to any BI tool, external system or payroll provider that supports SFTP. Account Admins can schedule standard reports to be uploaded from Bizimply to SFTP servers. The reports are sent between 3am and 5am.

Which Reports can be sent to SFTP Servers

The reports which can be sent are:

  • Employee Timecards

  • Timecard Analysis

  • Cost Analysis

  • Employee Export

  • Starter Report

  • Leaver Report

  • Time off Report (NEW)

How to set up the Reports SFTP Integration

Please note: Only account administrators can set up this integration.

  1. Once installed, click on the 'Settings' gear icon.

  2. This will bring you to the SFTP Destinations page where you click the blue 'New SFTP Destination' button

  3. Fill in a name for the configuration in the first text box

  4. Enter the details for the server (host name and username)

  5. Enter in name of folder into 'Upload Path' field if relevant. (This is an optional field which allows you to enter in the folder name if you have one SFTP destination with several folders)

  6. Select the authentication type: 1. Password (enter in password) or 2. Key Pair (upload the key file)

  7. Add an email address for any error messages to be sent to. Separate multiple email addresses by using commas.

How to set up Reports to be sent via SFTP

  1. Sign into

  2. Go to 'Reports' tab in navigation bar

  3. Click into the relevant report e.g. Employee Timecards

  4. Select export type as 'Recurring'

  5. Enter in a descriptive name for your scheduled report. This will be identifiable in the 'Scheduled Reports' section.

  6. Select Destination as SFTP and select the relevant host from the 'Select SFTP Destination' drop down menu.

  7. Select the export period: 1 Week, 2 Weeks or Full Month

  8. Select the export frequency: Daily, Weekly or Monthly. If you select 'Weekly', select which day of the week the report is sent. If you select 'Monthly', select which date you would like the report sent each month.

  9. Define the other report criteria.

  10. Mark if you would like to Remove Meta Data. By checking this box, the column names will become the first row within the report and any meta data such as report title, export duration and other data shown by default will be removed from the top 5 rows. (This is needed for auto parsed reports used in some payroll and BI systems).

  11. Select the relevant format for the report if applicable, click the blue 'Schedule' button (there are other reports with format options as well).

  12. Once scheduled, a green banner will appear to show that the report was scheduled successfully. The report will then be added to the 'Scheduled Reports' section.

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