Detailed Timecard Report

Get an overview report of what your employees have worked vs their scheduled hours as shown on their timecard. Available in CSV or PDF.

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In this article you will learn:

  • How to export a Single Employee CSV

  • How to export a Single Employee PDF

  • How to export an All Employees PDF

This report is really helpful to get a quick overview of what your employees worked. It can be used as a quick once over before timecards are approved for payroll.

Note: You will need permission to 'Timecards' to view these reports. If you don't have access, please ask your account administrator.

Here's an overview video of the feature:

How to export a detailed Timecard Reports

  1. Log into your Bizimply account

  2. Click on a location

  3. Click on the 'Timecards' icon

  4. Click on the blue 'Export' button

  5. Click on 'Detailed Timecards'

6. Choose the option that best suits what information that you are looking for and click the blue 'Export' button

7. A file will download on your computer with the report

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