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  • How to get your employee PIN reset

  • Where to find your employee PIN to clock into the Timestation

If you have forgotten your PIN to clock in/out to the Timestation your manager can help you to find your existing PIN in multiple places.

Those places are:

1. Timestation settings on the iPad:

If your manager clicks on the 'Manager Icon' of the Timestation on the bottom left of the screen > Enter Manager PIN > click on 'Employees' on the left-hand side and then click on your name, they will be able to see your PIN.

Forgetting Pin - Timestation

2. MyZimply mobile app:

You can see your PIN on your MyZimply mobile app by logging in with your credentials and clicking on 'Profile'.

3. Log into

Enter your Login credentials. Click on 'Employee Portal' > click on 'Your Profile' and your PIN will be listed there.

4. Your manager can log into

If they have the correct permission, they can see your PIN in the 'Work' tab of your employee profile.

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