Setting up the Attendance Questionnaire

This feature allows you to turn on or off the questionnaire on the Timestation as well as adding, deactivating or turning on/off questions

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This feature was designed so you can monitor how your employees are feeling, especially in regards to returning to work as businesses begin to reopen. Questions can be COVID-19 specific and is an efficient way to check if your staff are healthy and fit to work.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to switch on Attendance Questionnaire feature

  • How to add questions to Attendance Questionnaire

  • How to archive questions from Attendance Questionnaire

Please note:

1. You must be an account administrator to access this feature.

2. You must have version 5.3.7 or higher of the Timestation App installed on your iPad(s) to access this feature. Check the App Store for updates.

Here's a video overview of the feature:

How to switch on Attendance Questionnaire feature

  1. Login to your Bizimply account as account administrator

  2. Click your name/email address in the top right-hand side

  3. Select 'App Centre' from the drop down menu

  4. Select 'Workforce Management' from the list of categories on the left

  5. Within the 'Communications' app, click the green 'Install' button

How to add questions to Attendance Questionnaire

Once the Communications app is installed, you can begin adding questions.

  1. Click into the 'Communications' tab from the navigation bar while 'All Locations' is selected

  2. If you would like to enable the questionnaire feature across all of the Timestations within your account, click 'Yes'. This means that every employee clocking in on Timestations within your business will now have to answer a series of questions that you will create

  3. Click on the blue 'Add Question' button to create a question

  4. Type your question into the box. This question is limited to 80 characters including spaces.

  5. Choose whether you would like this question to have a 'Yes/No' answer or to allow the employee to enter a 'Text' answer

  6. Click the blue 'Save' button

7. Once you click 'Save' you can no longer edit that question. If you would like to make amendments to the question, you will have to 'archive' it and create a new question with the amendments. You can create a maximum of 10 questions. Once you reach your 10 questions limit, you will need to archive a question to add another one.

8. You have the option to switch a question 'On' or 'Off'. So for example, if you only wanted to ask a certain question once a week, or a certain time during a month, you could turn the question to 'Off' for the rest of the time so that employees don't grow fatigued of this question.

How to archive questions from Attendance Questionnaire

  1. To remove a question from your list of active questions, simply press the blue 'Archive' button beside the question

  2. To view a list of your archived questions, click on the 'Archived' tab

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