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How to keep record of Settlement Status of my employees
How to keep record of Settlement Status of my employees

Make sure you stay compliant with your Settlement Status records of employees

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This can be done using the Custom Field in the Personal tab of the employee profile.

  1. Head to Settings, then to the Employees section. Set up Custom Field in Employee Personal Settings, adding the title as 'Settled Status' with dropdown options 'Yes' and 'No'.

Once you press 'Save', the field will then appear on the list.

You can toggle this to be On/Off in your employees account at any time.

2. This field will now appear in all employee's 'Personal' tab in their profile which is only visible to roles with the permission to see this tab.

3. To report on employees' settled status, run the Employee Export report which will now report on that new field that was added. A simple filter can be applied to this report to report the status of employees.

Your employee export will be emailed to the email address linked with your Bizimply account.

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