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What is Push Notifications feature?

The latest version of MyZimply 3.3.3 includes the Push Notifications feature. When an employee enables push notifications, they will now receive a notification alert on their device whenever a new schedule has been published and shifts have been allocated to them as seen in video below:

If you have never downloaded the MyZimply employee app, you can do so using the links below. If you have already downloaded the MyZimply employee app to your phone, you must update the app to use the Push Notifications feature using the steps outlined below. Android users who currently have MyZimply on their device must first delete the existing app if they have it downloaded and then install 'MyZimply from Bizimply' from the Google Play Store.

Download links:

iOS - Click here

Android - Click here

How to update your MyZimply employee app to MyZimply 3.3.3.

  1. Open up your the App Store on your mobile device

  2. Search 'MyZimply from Bizimply' in the search bar

  3. Click the 'Update' button

How to enable Push Notifications feature

  1. Once you download the MyZimply app or update the MyZimply app to version 3.3.3, you can sign into the app using your Bizimply log in details (email address and password).

  2. A pop up will appear on screen asking you to allow notifications as shown in image below, select the 'Allow' option to receive notification alerts each time your schedule has been published.

3. If you wish to switch this feature off, you can do so by clicking into your mobile Settings > MyZimply App > Switch off notifications.

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