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Moorepay Employee Data Integration
Moorepay Employee Data Integration

Do you use Moorepay? Learn how to set up Bizimply to Moorepay Employee Data Integration

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In this article, you will learn:

What is the Bizimply to Moorepay Integration

If you use Moorepay for payroll, you may want to have employee data transferred from Bizimply to Moorepay seamlessly. This integration can be set up by account administrators from within the Integration Management section on Bizimply. Once your account is set up, employee data from Bizimply will be transferred to Moorepay

  • upon creation of a new employee

  • upon updating an existing employee information

  • upon deactivation of an employee profile

  • upon reactivation of an employee profile (you can only reactivate an employee profile 1 time)

Employee Profile Reactivation - with Moorepay Integration you are only able to reactivate an employee profile one time after a deactivation. This is because on Moorepay side employee profile is not reactivated, but a new employee profile is created with the same Id and Moorepay only allows one duplication of the ID.

Fields that you can send data from Bizimply to Moorepay:

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Email

  4. Phone number

  5. Address Line 1

  6. Address Line 2

  7. Address Line 3

  8. Post/ZIP code

  9. Country

  10. Date of birth

  11. Start date

  12. Gender

  13. Company code - this must match the Payroll Company Code set on Moorepay side, assign a default company code on Bizimply to apply automatically to all new employees.

  14. PPS number/NI Number/Employee tax number

  15. Contracted Hours

  16. Finish date

Defaults that are automatically sent to Moorepay with a new employee profile:

Please note: These options must be updated on Moorepay side manually.

  1. Pay Type: letter C (Cheque)

  2. Hmrc Doc Type: 2

  3. Tax Code: 0

  4. Position ID: 9998

  5. Pay Point: 0001

  6. Pay Period Due: 1

  7. Type Of Pay: letter O

  8. Hourly Rate: 1

  9. Leave Reason Code: 1

Before you begin

Important: If you have Employee profiles that were created on Moorepay side and also on Bizimply side then you will need to provide us with a list of employees with the Bizimply unique ID and the employee number from Moorepay side next to it unless advised otherwise.

If the employees are not linked before the integration is established, when customer updates a profile on Bizimply side then the profile on Moorepay side gets duplicated. This must be done before the integration can be established.

How is Bizimply to Moorepay Integration set up

Please note: Only account administrators can set up this integration.

  1. Once installed, click on the 'Settings' gear icon

  2. Read through the instructions on the right hand side

  3. Enter in theDatabase ID supplied to you by Moorepay.

  4. Enter in email address(es) to receive employee data rejection email in the text box.

  5. Note: If new/updated does not match the requirements on Moorepay side, employee data transfer will be rejected and an email will be sent to the email address(es) entered to alert them of this issue. Errors must be corrected for a successful data transfer.

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