Attaching Files to Sick Time Off Records

Learn how to attach sick certs and return to work forms to your employee's sickness records

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Please note: This feature is part of Time Off Management which is part of our HR Management package. Please contact your Bizimply Customer Success manager if you are interested in adding this feature to your package.

Security Note

Sick notes contain sensitive employee health data so extra care must be taken in making sure they're being stored in correctly. Attaching sick notes to time off requests and storing them in the Time Off folder is the only approved way to store Sick Notes in Bizimply. Under no circumstances should they be uploaded to any other part of the documents folder or Bizimply platform. Please check your permissions to ensure only the appropriate people have access to these documents.

How to attach a file to your employee's sick time off records

  1. Sign into

  2. Click into the Employees tab in the navigation bar

  3. Click into relevant employee's profile

  4. Click into the 'Time Off' tab

  5. Click the blue 'Add Time Off' button

  6. Select type as 'Sick' from the drop down menu

  7. Fill out all of the fields

  8. Click the blue 'Attach File' button and select relevant file. Some examples of files that can be added here are Sick Certs or Return to work forms. Multiple files can be attached.

  9. Click the 'Approve & Save' button

  10. The file is then saved and will be scanned for viruses. The 'i' icon will appear while this happens which reads 'File scanning in progress'.

Where the sick documents are stored

When sick documents are attached to sick time off records, they are stored in the 'Time Off Folder' in the 'Documents' tab on the employee profile. This can be found using the steps below:

  1. Sign into

  2. Click into 'Employees' tab

  3. Click into relevant employee's profile

  4. Click into the 'Documents' highlighted below

  5. Click into the 'Time Off' folder

Here is where all the time off attachments can be viewed and you can also give the employee's access to these documents by using the 'Employee Access' column on the right highlighted in image below. The employees can then view their own time off documents in their employee portal - click here for more information.

Permissions needed to view, attach and delete sick record files

This is how an Account Admin will give permissions to allow managers & other custom roles to view, attach and delete sick record files on an employee's profile.

  1. Sign into

  2. Click your name/email at the top right of the screen

  3. Select 'Account Access' from the drop down menu

  4. Click which role you wish to give these permissions to

  5. Scroll down to Employees and select 'Choose Options'

  6. Ensure the 'Time Off' checkbox is ticked. If this is not selected, the 'Add Time Off Documents' and 'Delete Time Off Documents' options will not be options.

  7. If you wish for the user to be able to attach these time off files, ensure the 'Add Time Off Documents' checkbox is ticked

  8. If you would like the user to also be able to remove these time off files if needed, ensure the 'Delete Time Off Documents' checkbox is ticked

  9. Click save at the bottom of the screen

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