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No matter the size of your business, employee labour cost will form a significant part of your ongoing expenses. To give you greater flexibility and precision for calculating this expense, Bizimply provides four options for categorising the labour costs of salaried employees:

This article will cover the Pre Set Days category.
To find out more about the other categories, click here.

What does Pre Set Days mean?

This category is closest to how salaried employees were handled on Bizimply before this update.

Once you enter an employee's Weekly Salary Rate and select their working days, a daily rate will be calculated for the employee.

This amount is assigned to the 'Main Schedule' selected for the schedule and dashboard labour costs each week for each selected day.


  • Working days can be set for individual employees

  • Costing employees on schedule & dashboard whether shifts are assigned or not

NB: After the update, existing employees who are currently set to be paid as Salary will default to the 'Pre Set Days' option using the working days set in the location settings found within Locations & Groups section on Bizimply.

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