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Please note: Only account administrators can set up this integration.
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What is the Bizimply to Teamtailor Integration?

Bizimply's integration with Teamtailor allows customers to send successful applicant data automatically from Teamtailor to Bizimply to create a new employee profile.

How to set up Bizimply to Teamtailor Integration

  1. Log in to Teamtailor, and copy the ID from the URL. This is your company UUID

  2. Within Bizimply, click on your name on the top right and navigate to app center>integration management and click on the gear icon for the Teamtailor integration to open the settings

  3. Fill in the Teamtailor company UUID value we received in step 2

  4. Copy your Teamtailor API key

  5. In Teamtailor, navigate to Settings -> Marketplace activiations and click on "view settings" for the Bizimply integration

  6. Paste the API key we copied earlier into the field and click save

We now have the connection made between Teamtailor and Bizimply, but we've got one step left

Configuring the trigger

The final piece of the puzzle is to configure the trigger on a specific column so that when a candidate is moved into that column, their information is sent to Bizimply to create an employee profile. This will usually be your "hired" column of course.

You can configure this per job if you like, but in most cases you'll want the same process each time, so we'll update the default job template in our company settings, that way, when a new job is created, you don't have to manually configure the trigger again.

  1. In your company settings in Teamtailor, under the "templates" section, click "jobs"

  2. Select the "stages" section

  3. For the stage that you want the action to occur, click on stage actions -> triggers -> Send Bizimply Webhook.

    In the popup, you can define the store that the candidate should be added to, and if they should be added to a new status once the action is complete.

And that's it! When someone in your team creates a job, this workflow will be included in the stages flow, and your candidates, when hired, will have their information sent to Bizimply.

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