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What is the ADP to Bizimply Integration?

If you use ADP for payroll and HR, you may want transfer employee data seamlessly from ADP to Bizimply. Once your account is set up, employee data gets pushed from ADP to Bizimply once a day so that all new hires, terminations, changes and updates to employee profiles are reflected daily.

How to request the integration from ADP

  1. Create a ticket in ADP eService -
    Summary text - ‘Marketplace Bizimply integration activation request’

    Description text - ”Please forward this ticket to Marketplace Client Support queue for activation of Marketplace Integration ADP and Bizimply”

  2. Complete client participation agreement from ADP Marketplace team

  3. Receive client ID from ADP integration team

  4. Customer creates pay codes in Bizimply

NB: Pay codes must be alphanumeric only.

Preparing Bizimply for the ADP Integration

Please take the following actions before

  • Ensure all your Bizimply Locations are active and created with the same Location Code used in ADP for the data to transfer correctly. If the locations are not setup correctly, the employees will not be created in Bizimply.

  • Ensure all job titles in your ADP account are also added as positions in Bizimply. If the positions are not setup correctly, the employee profiles will be created in Bizimply without a position.

How to set up ADP to Bizimply Integration

Please note: Only account administrators can set up this integration.

  1. Click on the 'Settings' gear icon as highlighted in red above

  2. Read through the instructions on the right hand side

  3. Enter in your Client ID and Client secret provided to you by ADP.

  4. Add email addresses to receive email updates about the employee transfer in case of errors or warnings so they can correct the issue.

How does the ADP Employee integration work?

Once the integration is active, any employee created in ADP will also be created in Bizimply along with the following mapped fields:

  • employee number

  • start date

  • title

  • first name

  • last name

  • DOB

  • gender

  • address 1

  • Country

  • schedule

  • position

Here are the actions that will trigger the ADP employee integration, along with the results in Bizimply:

  • Employee profile creating in ADP: employe profile created in Bizimply.

  • Employee profile updated in ADP: employe profile updated in Bizimply

  • Employee profile deactivated in ADP: employe profile deactivated in Bizimply

  • Employee profile reactivated in ADP: employe profile reactivated in Bizimply

How does the ADP Payroll integration work?

The ADP Payroll integration adds a ‘Send to payroll’ option to timecard export options. To export timecard details to ADP, select this option and then follow the regular timecard export process. When the report is created, the data will be pushed to ADP. A data file containing a copy of the data will also be sent to the user via email.

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