In this article, you will learn:

  • How to Log Employee Feedback in employee profiles

  • How to delete Employee Feedback

Please note: This feature is part of the Documents, Notes & Feedback app in our HR Management Suite.

How to Log Employee Issue in the Employee Profiles

  1. Sign into

  2. Click into 'Employees' tab in the navigation bar

  3. Select the Employee you want to log feedback for

  4. Click into the 'Feedback' tab

  5. Click the blue 'Add Feedback' button

6. Fill in all relevant details

7. Select 'Save' at bottom of the screen

How to delete Employee Feedback

  1. Click into 'Employees' tab in the navigation bar

  2. Select the Employee you want to delete feedback from

  3. Click into the 'Feedback' tab

  4. Tick the small checkbox beside the feedback you want to delete

  5. At the top, you will see a little blue downward arrow - select this

  6. Select 'Delete Selected'

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