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  • How to generate a report that will show you the total days and average days worked for each employee over a selected period of time

Note: You must have access to 'Attendance Reports' to use this report. If you do not have access, please contact an account administrator to edit your permissions.

Be aware zero-hour days and weeks are excluded from this report. You will also have the option to include or exclude 'Paid Time Off' in the calculations of this report.

How to pull the History Of Hours worked report:

  1. Click the 'Reports' icon on the top of your screen

  2. On the left of the screen click on 'Attendance Reports'

  3. Click on 'History of Hours Worked'

4. Select the 'End Date' for the report. The report will then generate calculations from this selected date back 'x' amount of weeks depending on what you choose in the next step

5. Enter the number of weeks previous to the 'End Date' that you would like this report to calculate. This can be from 1 - 104 weeks

6. Continue to select your locations, payroll departments, and employees

7. You now have the option to 'Include all paid time off-types in the report?' This will include any type of paid time off including holiday, sick or other. If you choose to exclude this paid time off, then the weeks that show paid time off on the timecards but no other paid hours (e.g. someone is on a paid holiday for a week) will be excluded from this report

8. Click on the 'Export' button

9. Your CSV report will download

On the report, you will see a column with the header 'Start date of the selected period for this employee'. What does this mean?

It is important to note that in this report, the previous X weeks is not going to be within the same date range for every employee. It is the previous X weeks from the 'End Date' selected and it excludes 0 or null hour weeks (based on the timecard). So the start date of the selected period for this employee of this 'X' week period will differ for all employees.

For example, You may select April 26th as the 'End Date' for the report and you want the history of the previous 13 weeks worked from every employee. John’s 13 week period may be from January 27th - April 26th. But Mary’s 13 week period may start from January 6th as there were 3 weeks that she was not working and therefore didn’t appear with hours on the timecard.

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